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HiTEC | High Temperature Electronics 

General Co-Chairs:
F. Patrick McCluskey, University of Maryland |
Colin Johnston, Oxford University |

Technical Organizing Committee: 
Liangyu Chen, OAI/NASA GRC
Holger Kappert, Fraunhofer IMS

Callum Middleton, CSA Catapult

High-temperature measurement setup for performing s-parameter analysis on silicon carbide bipolar transistors
Roy Sajib, University of Arkansas

300C capable, high temperature optical communication
Emad Andarawis, General Electric Global Research

Experimental Investigation of the Capacitance-Voltage (C-V) Characteristics of Silicon Carbide (SiC) CMOS Processes at H
Arman Ur Rashid, Rashid

Effect of High Temperature Storage on AC Characteristics of Polymer Tantalum Capacitors
Alexander Teverovsky, Jacobs

Enhancement Mode GaN-FETs in Extreme Temperature Conditions, Part I: Static Parasitic Parameters
Martijn Duraij, Technical University of Denmark

Enhancement Mode GaN-FETs in Extreme Temperature Conditions, Part II: Dynamic Parasitic Parameters
Martijn Duraij, Technical University of Denmark

GaN-HEMT and Silicon Carbide CMOS Signal Conditioning System on an LTCC module for High-Temperature Sensing Applications
Sajib Roy, University of Arkansas

Package Design and Analysis for Vertical GaN FET's
John Harris, University of Arkansas

Hua Xia, Hermetic Solutions

High Temperature Sensors Interface Circuitry and Control Systems,  Components and PCB Assemblies
Piers Tremlett, Microchip Technology, Inc. 

Bridging the Gap: A Qualitative Study on the Viability and Performance of Metalized Polyetherimide (PEI) Film Capacitors
Daniel Tyler, Exxelia USA, Inc.

Comparison of Sintering Process of Silver Sinter Paste Using Reflow Oven in Nitrogen to Static Oven in Ai for Die-Attach
Guangyu Fan, Indium Corporation of America

A novel design of high temperature lead-free solders for capacitor-lead bonding
Hongwen Zhang, Indium Corporation

Extreme Temperature SiC Power Semiconductor 
David Esler, GE Global Research

A 300C High Reliability HALT/HAST Screening/Sorting Procedure for Ceramic Capacitors Part 2
Harold L. Snyder, Jr., Physical Solutions

Simulating the Effect of Rigid Frameworks on the Mechanical Properties of Transient Liquid Phase Sintered (TLPS) Alloys 
Patrick McCluskey, University of Maryland, College Park

Upscaling of 500 C Durable SiC JFET-R Integrated Circuits
Philip G. Neudeck, NASA Glenn Research Center

600C silicon carbide MOSFET integrated circuits
Cheng-Po Chen, GE Research

A 96% Alumina based Packaging System for 500C Test of SiC Integrated Circuits
Lingyu Chen, Ohio Aerospace Institute/NASA Glenn Research Center

4-20mA optical sensor at 300C using SiC and SOI integrated circuits
Cheng-Po Chen, GE Research

Alternative Setup for Long-Duration Low-Frequency 600ÂC Ambient Testing of Multiple SiC Integrated Circuits
Stephanie Booth, SAIC-NASA Glenn

A High Temperature SOI-CMOS Chipset Focusing Sensor Electronics for Operating Temperatures up to 300 ÂC
Holger Kappert, Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS

Silicon Carbide Junction Field Effect Transistor Compact Model for Extreme Environment Integrated Circuit Design
Sonia Perez, Ozark Integrated Circuits, Inc.

470 Celsius Packaging System for Silicon Carbide Electronics
Nicholas Chiolino, Ozark Integrated Circuits, Inc.

Smart Nodes for High Temperature: Design, Process and Integration
A. Matt Francis, Ozark Integrated Circuits, Inc.

Capacitors for Energy Storage and as a Companion to WBG Development - operation in High Temperature Environments
Roger Brewer

CICMT | Ceramic Interconnet and Ceramic Microsystems Technologies 

General Chair:
Steve Dai, Sandia National Laboratories 

Technical Chairs:
 Ulrich Schmid, TU Wien
Markus EbersteinTDK Sensors

Technical Organizing Committee: 
Heli Jantunen, University of Oulu
Eung Soo Kim, Kyonggi University  
Soshu Kirihara, Joining and Welding Research Institute Osaka University  
Daniel Krueger, Honeywell  
Zhifu Liu, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jens MüllerTechnische Universität Ilmenau 
Uwe Partsch, Fraunhofer IKTS

Embedded-Die Ceramic Packaging and Package-to-Flex Remateable Interconnections
Markondeya Raj Pulugurtha, Florida International University

M7 LTCC-Ag System for 5G Applications
Ellen Tormey, Ferro Corp.

Ultraprecise printing of micrometric conductive structures for MEMS packaging and integration
Lukasz Kosior,  XTPL SA (Piotr Kowalczewski)

Diffusion Barrier Technology in Silver-based Core-shell Metallization Materials for LTCC Applications
Richard Stephenson, Silicon Valley Materials Technology Corp.

Material System Solutions for Power Module Assembly
Habib Mustain, Heraeus Electronics

Design and Simulation of 28GHz wideband compact LTCC bandpass filter
Zhaoyi Zeng, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

"LTCC patch antenna array with embedded air cavities for5G mobile applications"
Alexander Schulz, TU Ilmenau

A 26 GHz-Band Air-Filled Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filter based on LTCC
Zhifu Liu, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Characterization of Multilayer Ceramic based Sensor Solutions for on-turbine measurement
Steffen Ziesche, Fraunhoefer IKTS

Active and passive ceramic micro valves for fuel cell systems
Adrian Goldberg, Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies

Recent Advances in LTCC-Enabled Field Programmable RF Circuits
Ammar Kouki, Ecole de technologie supérieure

Heterogeneous Integration of functional slug in ceramic substrate
Charles Lin, Bridge Semiconductor Corporation

Low-Temperature Sintering of Al2O3 ceramics doped with 4CuO-TiO2-4Nb2O5 composite oxide sintering aid for LTCC application
Yan Yang,  CAS Key Lab of Inorganic Functional Materials and Devices, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Sintering of silver - alkali zinc borate glass - composites
Lina Heuser, Bundesanstalt Materialforschung (BAM)

Ultra-high dielectric constant composite PSAE/ Ca0.9La0.067TiO3 with parallel structure
Haiyi Peng, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Science

Photoimageable pastes for 5G applications
Kathrin Reinhardt, Fraunhoefer IKTS

New Thick Film Resistor System for High Temperature Applications
Frank Sandoval, Heraeus Electronics

"Passive Multilayer Components for Higher Operating Temperatures: Ni-Cu-Zn Ferrites for Monolithic and Integrated Multilayer Inductors"
Jörg Töpfer, Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena

Material and Structure Design of Magnetoelectric Voltage Tunable Inductors
Yongke Yan, Pennsylvania State University

Surface refinement of ultra-thin flexible glass in S2S and R2R processes for flexible electronic applications
Manuela Junghähnel , Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP

500C Capable, Weather-Resistant Electronics Packaging for Extreme Environment Exploration
Ardalan Nasiri, University of Arkansas

A New Paradigm in Printed Electronics through Ceramic Materials
Shweta Agarwala, Department of Engineering, Aarhus University

Glasses and glass ceramics for high frequency electronic applications
Martin Letz, SCHOTT AG

M7 LTCC-Ag System for 5G Applications
Ellen Tormey, Ferro Corporation

A novel fabricating process of polyphenyl ether based composite substrate for High Frequency Application
Xiaogang Yao, Haiyi Peng, Huixing Lin, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Evolution of interface morphology and their influence on bonding behavior in glass-to-metal seal
Shenhou Li, Tsinghua University

LTCC-based Circulators with integrated Sc-Hexaferrites
Johannes Schur, Technische Universität Ilmenau

ULTCC composite materials with ultra-low permittivity
Heli Jantunen, Microelectronics Research Unit, University of Oulu

Recent Development of Microwave Dielectric Materials Fabricated by Cold Sintering Process
Jing Guo, State Key Laboratory for Mechanical Behavior of Materials and School of Materials Science and Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Multi-Layer Aluminum Nitride for Ultra-Rapid Temperature Transition
Frank Polese, Oasis Materials Company LP

LTCC Interposers for Double-Sided Power Electronic Modules
Rana Alizadeh, University of Arkansas

Process optimization of black silicon for mechanical usage in SiCer applications
C. Kleinholz, TU Ilmenau

LTCC tapes for a new generation of SICER silicon-ceramics composite substrates
Beate Capraro, Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS

APEPS| Advanced Power Electronics Packaging Symposium

General Chair:
Prof. Douglas C Hopkins, Ph. D
NCSU Packaging Research in Electronic Energy Systems (PREES)

Technical Program Co-Chairs:
Prof. Patrick McCluskey, University of Maryland

Steering Committee:
John Bultitude, KEMET Electronics;
Benson Chan, Binghamton University;
Bob Conner, X-Celeprint;
Rick Eddins, GE Aviation US;
Mike McKeown, Hesse Mechatronics;
Jason Rouse, Sekisui Products;
Brian Rowden, Oak Ridge National Lab

Material Micro-Structure impact on thermal and fatigue durability
Keith Perrin, Hexagon Manufacturing

Smart Ultrasonic Welding - A Versatile Interconnection Technology For Power Electronics Packaging
Matthias Hunstig, Hesse Mechatronics