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October 12 - 14, 2021

October 12 - 13, 2021

 Professional Development Courses 
October 11, 2021

IMAPS is pleased to announce the On Demand Program for IMAPS 2021 global event.  These speaker presentations below will be available as pre-recorded presentation videos that you can access at your own convenience - the speakers are NOT presenting live/in-person in San Diego at IMAPS 2021. 

A - Manufacturing Optimization

Track Chairs: Dongshun Bai, Brewer Science and Suresh Jayaraman, Amkor

TPM1 - Design, Modeling & System Simulation

ML/AI in Semiconductor Packaging & Electronics Manufacturing - Dongkai Shangguan, Adapdix

Automatic Design Rule Derivation for Assembly Design Kits (ADK) - Andy Heinig, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS 

Design Constraints and Scale Down Evolution in Advanced Semiconductor Packages Byong Jin Kim, Amkor Technology Korea, Inc. (SangHyeon Lee, JaeBeom Shim, JinYoung Khim, Amkor Technology Korea, Inc.; Nam-Hee Cho, Inha University)

WAM1 - Photonic / Glass Packaging

Increased Throughput and Material Utilization by Glass Wafer Laser Dicing -Andreas Gaab, Corning (Christian Wagner)

Helium-tight and Thermo-Mechanically Reliable Metallized Through Glass Vias by Conformal Pinched Via Approach - Prantik Mazumder, Corning Research and Development Corp. (Rajesh Vaddi, Mandakini Kanungo, Scott Pollard, Chukwudi Okoro)

WPM1 - Advanced Materials, Packaging, Reliability

Galvanic Corrosion Behavior of Ag filled Electrically Conductive Adhesive on Sn plated of Surface Mount Chip Resistor - Onanong Phosie, NXP Semiconductors, Inc. (Chayathorn Saklang, Amar Mavinkurve, Kornteenee Pairpisit,    Kittichai Fakpan)

MAXQFP: NXP's New Package Solution for Automotive Application - Chu-Chung (Stephen) Lee, NXP Semiconductor, Inc. (XS Pang, JZ Yao, TuAnh Tran, Andrew Mawer)

THAM1 - Process Optimization

Implementation of Trusted Manufacturing & AI-based Process Optimization into Microelectronic Manufacturing - Karl-Friedrich Becker, Fraunhofer IZM (Steve Voges, Fraunhofer IZM; Peter Fruehauf, Matthias Heimann, Siemens AG; Andreas Hofmeister, Stefan Gottwald, Sensorik Bayern; Salar Mehrafsun, Wagenbrett GmbH)

Coronavirus, Chip Boom, and Supply Shortage: The New Normal for global Semiconductor Manufacturing           
Stephen Rothrock, ATREG, Inc.

Burn-in Testing (BIT): To BIT Or Not To BIT, That's The Question
Ephraim Suhir, ERS Co.

B - Wafer Level/Panel Level (Advanced RDL)

Track Chairs: Tarak Railkar, Qorvo and Rey Alvarado, Qualcomm

TPM2 - Wafer-level Fan out & Advance RDL

High UV Transmission Glass Carriers for Advanced Packaging - Jay Zhang, Corning Incorporated                                     

Latest Technology of Wafer Coating Material for Advanced Packages - Ryuji Hirosawa, Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

Numerical Simulation on the Warpage of Reconstructed Wafer During Encapsulation Process - HU Zhen, JCET Advanced Packaging Co. Ltd. 

Proven Methodologies to Meet FOWLP Manufacturing Process Requirements for Metal Filled Areas and Plans - Kendall Hiles, Siemens EDA

WAM2 - Panel-level Fan out

Alternative FCBGA Package Solution Evaluation: High-speed Design Optimization and Electrical Characterization of FOBGA - Hung-Hsiang (Marco) Cheng, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) (Cheng-Yu Wu, Hung-Chun Kuo, Chen-Chao Wang, Guo-Cheng Liao, Yun-Hsiang Tien, Yi-Chuan Ding)

Reliability of Chiplets Heterogeneous Integration on 2.3D Hybrid Substrate Using Solder Joint and Underfill - John Lau, Unimicron Technology Corp. (Ricky Chou, Gary Chen, Jones Huang, hanning Yang, Ning Liu, TJ Tseng)

WPM2 - WLCSP (Fan In and Advance Material

Low Temperature Curable Low Dk & Df Polyimide for Antenna in Package - Hitoshi Araki, Toray (Akira Shimada, Hisashi Ogasawara, Masaya Jukei, Masao Tomikawa)

Effect of Novel SAC-Bi Solder Joints on Electromigration Reliability for Wafer Level Chip Scale Packages - Min-Yan (Brian) Tsai, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) (Yung-Sheng Lin, Chin-Li Kao, Shan-Bo Wang, Ting-Chun Lin, Yun-Ching Hung)

THAM2 - Module Warpage / Plating Solution Contamination Mitigation

The Pivotal Role of Uniformity of Electrolytic Deposition Processes to Improve the Reliability of Advanced Packaging - Ralf Schmidt, Atotech


C -High Performance-High Reliability

Track Chairs: Erica Folk, Northrop Grumman and Ivan Ndip, Fraunhofer IZM

TPM3 - RF Packaging & Design

Stabilized Sanathanan-Koerner Iteration for Rational Transfer Function Approximation of Scattering Parameters - Arif Engin, San Diego State University (Jose Tomimatzu, Andrew Ma, Daniel Deaton)

Design and Implementation of Harmonic RFID Based on Conventional UHF System -Aditya Purandare, Michigan State University (Yihang Chu, Deepak Kumar, Saikat Mondal, Prem Chahal)

THAM3 - High Reliability Packaging

Fine-pitch Copper Pillar Flip Chips in High Reliability Applications - Catherine Farnum, Northrop Grumman Corp. (Kaysar Rahim)

Additively Manufactured Extreme Temperature Electronics Packaging - David Shaddock, General Electric Global Research

D -  Advanced Packaging (Flip Chip/2.5D/3D/Optical)

Track Chairs: Frank Eberle, Northrop Grumman Corp. and Jaimal Williamson, TI

TPM4 - Flip Chip

Warpage Simulation Study by Trace Mapping Method for FCCSP with ETS Substrate - Yun-Ming Zhang, SPIL

WAM4 - Heterogeneous Integration and 3D

Chiplets Heterogeneous Integration on High-Density Hybrid Substrate Using an Interconnect-Layer - John Lau, Unimicron Technology Corp. (Tony Peng, CT Ko, Paul Lee, Eagle Lin, Henry Yang)

A Substrateless Process for Heterogeneous Integration of mmWave Circuits - Premjeet Chahal, Michigan State University (Cameron Crump)

Thermal and Stress Analysis of 3D SiP Module for 5G Application - Hung-Hsien Huang, ASE Group (Wei-Hong Lai, Bing-Yuan Huang, Dao-Long Chen, David Tarng, CP Hung)

THAM4 – Interconnect

High Density Package Design Platform and Assembly Design Kit - Chih-Yi Huang, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (ASE)

Enhancing the Paste Release on 55m pads with Water-Soluble Type 7 SAC305 Solder Paste for High Density SIP application - Senthil Kumar Balasubramanian, Heraeus Materials Singapore      

Impact of Bonding Sequence on Contact Resistance in Hybrid Bonding of Via-middle TSV Wafer - Naoya Watanabe, Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Hiroshi Yamamoto, Takahiko Mitsui, Eiichi Yamamoto, Okamoto Machine Tool Works, Ltd)

E - Advanced Process  & Materials (Enabling Technologies)

Track Chairs: Benson Chan, Binghamton Univ. and Mark Hoffmeyer, IBM

TPM5 - Advanced Substrate Materials

Cu Crystal Structures in Plated Microvias. Recrystallisation & a Means to Identify Joints at Risk of Premature Failure - Roger Massey, Atotech Deutschland GmbH (Tobias Bernhard, Killian Klaeden, Sebastian Zarwell, Stefan Kempa, Edith Steinheauser, Frank Bruning)

Emergence of glass solutions for 5G and Heterogeneous Integration - Shelby Nelson, Mosaic Microsystems (Aric Shorey, David Levy, Paul Ballentine)

Verification of Compartmental Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Effect with imprint-Through Mold Via (i-TMV) for RF - Motohiro Negishi, Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd. (Tomoaki Shibata, Xinrong Li, Naoya Suzuki)

Pre-applied Sinter Paste with Advanced Die Interconnect Technology - Habib Mustain, Heraeus Electronics

Low Transmission Loss Cu Wirings with Smooth Seed Layer and High Adhesion against Dielectrics - Kazue Hirano, Showa Denko Materials Co.,Ltd.               

WAM5 - Packaging Process Reliability and Improvement

Assessment of Solder Flux Corrosivity and Flux Residue Level in Clip Bonding Assembly Fred Fuliang Le, Nexperia (Haibin Chen, Francis Louise Fajardo, Zunyu Guan, Nomer Castro)

Atomistic modeling to predict and improve the strength of doped Sn-Cu solder interfaces Michael Woodcox, Binghamton University (Manuel Smeu)

WPM5 - Advance Interconnects - Wire Bond

Distribution of Coated Metal Layer on Free Air Ball (FAB) Surface - Sarangapani Murali, Heraeus Materials Singapore (Miew Wan Lo, Dhayalan Mariyappan, Evonne Lim Yee Weon, Kang Sungsig SS)

Advanced Bonding Interface Inspection Technique for Process Optimization in Heavy Wire Bonding - Stefan Schmitz, Bond-IQ GmbH   

Advanced Wire Bonding Standards for European Automotive and Power Electronics Industry - Stefan Schmitz, Bond-IQ GmbH (Martin Schneider-Ramelow, Fraunhofer IZM)

645b  Experimental Parameter Identification and Validation of a Process Model for Ultrasonic Heavy Wire Bonding - Reinhard Schemmel, Paderborn University (Ludger Klahold, Nico Müller, Tobias Hemsel, Walter Sextro)

THAM5 - Novel Fabrication Methods

RF and Reliability Characteristics of Printed Interconnects
Kurt Christenson, Optomec (David Sessoms, Optomec; Steve Gonya, Joe Jendrisak, Mike Geyer, Mark Halliday, Tom Rovere, Lockheed Martin)


Thermal and Reliability Comparison of Double-Sided Cooled Power Modules Using Organic and Ceramic Insulated Substrate
Tzu-Hsuan Cheng, NCSU PREES (Douglas Hopkins)

Epoxy Flux Prevent Hot Tear at VIPPO Solder Joints       
Ning-Cheng Lee, Consultant (Elaina Zitto, Dave Bedner, Indium Corporation)

Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing in Power Electronics            
Bernhard Czerny, TU Wien (Golta Khatibi)