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IMAPS Global Business Council (GBC) Live Webinar on
Advanced Packaging Landscape in Post-COVID Economy

Electronics and Semiconductor Market Trends: Looking for Growth Beyond 2020, including Regional Manufacturing Opportunities

Wednesday, August 19, 2020 | 12:00pm – 1:15pm EASTERN | MS Teams


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Advanced Packaging Landscape in Post-COVID Economy

As 2020 kicked off to a start, semiconductor industry continued strong momentum achieved in Q4’19 and top OSATs and IDMs reported unseasonably strong Q1 2020 until the coronavirus pandemic shifted the global balance.  In Q1 2020, advanced packaging especially system in package grew significantly as more heterogenous integration is required to meet 5G, and AI.  In 2019. Wafer level packaging (WLP) that includes fan-out packaging and WLCSP/Fan-In packaging revenue surpassed $3B threshold and is expected to approach close to $6B by 2025.  System in Package (SiP), Fan-out packages and upcoming chiplet packages are expected to dominate the market for next few years as thirst for scalability, high bandwidth, and functional integration continues in spite of slowing down of Moore’s law on the Si Front-end.  This presentation will provide overview and evolution of key advanced packaging technologies that remains critical for 5G deployment, and will provide insight into new emerging packaging form factors.  Will the strong growth experienced by top OSATs and IDMs in Q1 continue into 2H’2020?  How will global slow-down reshape the semiconductor industry?  If semiconductor market slows down in the 2H’2020, what will the recovery look like? 

About Vaibhav
Vaibhav Trivedi is a Senior Technology & Market analyst at Yole Développement (Yole) working with the Semiconductor & Software division. Based in the US, he is a member of Yole’s advanced packaging team and contributes to analysis of ever-changing advanced packaging technologies.  Vaibhav has 17+  years of field experience in semiconductor processing and semiconductor supply chain, specifically on memory and thermal component sourcing and advanced packaging such as SiP and WLP. 
Vaibhav has held multiple technical and commercial lead roles at various semiconductor corporations prior to joining Yole. 
Vaibhav holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, and Master of Science of Material Science from University of Florida in addition to an MBA from Arizona State



Electronics and Semiconductor Market Trends: Looking for Growth Beyond 2020, including Regional Manufacturing Opportunities


After a tough year for the electronics and semiconductor markets in 2019, this year was poised to be a recovery year driven by 5G, data center, AI, ADAS/EV, and more. The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has driven a potentially long-term rethinking of how we all work, play, and educate. This has shifted forecasts for most every sector within electronics, and most, but not all, of these changes were downward.  
The “Everything from Home” (xFH)  economy presents significant changes in outlooks within each sector and has impacted different companies in different ways. For example, in the first half of 2020, 70% of the top twenty semiconductor companies are expected to experience either double-digit YoY declines, or double-digit YoY increases.  At the same time, disruptions in supply chains caused by government restrictions (not only COVID-10 related) has forced a number of players across the supply chain to rethink China as the global hub for certain facets of the supply chain such as PCB manufacturing and SMT assembly.
This presentation will look at the electronics and semiconductor markets through 1H 2020 and consider the near- and long-term growth opportunities. This view will be by application sector, but also by select segments of the supply chain (PCB, SMT, package assembly) on a regional basis.

About Brandon:
Brandon Prior is a Senior Consultant at Prismark Partners.  He joined Prismark in 1996 and is the author of their Semiconductor and Packaging Report.   Brandon is responsible for the development of Prismark’s business practice as it relates to semiconductor packaging technologies, as well as the oversight of research projects within that domain.  Over the past twenty years, Prismark has developed business and service relationships with many of the leading electronics, semiconductor, packaging, assembly, equipment and material companies.  Brandon has BA and BE degrees from Dartmouth College and the Thayer School of Engineering.



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