Device Packaging Speaker Planning


Congratulations! You have been selected as a speaker for the DPC 2021 conference. The virtual conference environment may be new to you as a speaker, so we understand that you may have many questions about the timeline, process, deliverables, and other responsibilities. Stay tuned to this page for continuing updates, as well as direct email communications from Brian Schieman, Director of Programs and Technology for IMAPS. Please ensure that all email addresses are whitelisted in your email settings so that you receive timely communications from Brian and our entire organizing team.

What to Expect

Keynotes and Panelists:
Keynotes and Panels will be broadcast as live presentations, with replays available after the live session ends. 

On-Demand Technical Presentations:
Regular technical presentations will be recorded and available on-demand for attendees. Presentations will be grouped into topical areas and searchable by attendees.

Poster Presentations:
The poster session is planned to be an interactive presentation in our virtual environment. Posters will be available for viewing by attendees throughout the week. A live presentation of the poster sessions is TBD.

Your Responsibilities At A Glance

This is a quick-glance resource. To view the full speaker timeline, click here.

  1. Send your extended abstract to Brian Schieman by March 12th. 
    Click here for details about the extended abstract.

  2. Register for the conference by March 12th. 
    All speakers and poster presenters are required to register for the special, discounted "Speaker" rate for this conference or you could be removed from the program listing. Click here to register online.
    Exceptions: Student speakers are permitted to select the "Student" registration. Speakers from corporate partner organizations may also be entitled to a further discounted rate.

  3. Prepare and submit your recorded presentation and/or poster for review by the Session Chair by March 10th. Final recorded presentations are due by APRIL 7th. *PRESENTATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE 7TH*
    Click here for details about the recorded presentation.
    Click here for details about the poster presentation.

  4. Prepare your biographical materials, including a photo and short biography.
    Click here for details about these materials.

  5. Market your participation to your network.
    Click here for downloadable logo files and other promotional recommendations.

  6. Keynote speakers, Panelists, and other "Live" Speakers only -- attend speaker training and Q&A webinar on APRIL 5TH AND/OR 8TH  (these speakers will be sent invitation on April 1).
    Login credentials will be provided at a later date via email.

Technical Session (On-Demand) Speaker Deliverables

Extended Abstracts/Manuscripts (Due March 12th):

Your two- to six-page extended abstract with text (and tables/graphs as appropriate) is required by March 12th. This provides our attendees with more details and data than your initial abstract but keeps the publishing requirements easier and more flexible for you since the file is not archived. No formal technical paper is required. There is no proceedings paper and no copyright exchange.

  • Download the Extended Abstract TEMPLATE (right click and SAVE AS to your computer)

  • The paper should present an unbiased description of a certain method or product, discussing both pros and cons. Both subtle and blatant advertisement of any products or services is in direct conflict with the spirit of the Symposium. Examples of the former include repeated references to products or trade names and excessive use of corporate logos and trademarks in graphic illustrations. Photographs of commercial equipment are not permitted unless they add educational value. IMAPS Program Committees desire that all authors and presenters understand unambiguously that overly commercial papers are inappropriate and will not be tolerated; authors are asked to abide by these constraints when preparing their abstracts, papers, and presentations.

  • The language for the IMAPS events and its publications is English, unless otherwise noted.

  • Extended abstracts can be emailed directly to Brian Schieman.

Recorded Presentation (Initial file due March 10th. Final file due APRIL 7th.):

Regular technical presentations will be recorded and available on-demand for attendees. Speakers are responsible for recording their own presentations and providing the video file to IMAPS.

See below for recording deadlines:

  • Presentation upload is due no later than March 10th for Session Chair review and feedback. Final speaker presentations are due no later than APRIL 7th. These deadlines are firm - no final presentations can be submitted after April 7!

  • Your draft and final presentation should include your audio portion as well. The "draft" is just that - a draft - so it does not need to be 100% ready. This is a chance to share as much as possible with your session chairs so that they can give you complete feedback on the presentation as you prepare your FINAL version!  

  • Speaker presentations are to be 25 minutes long (no longer, and ideally no shorter)

  • Session chairs will review presentation recordings and provide feedback to speakers, if needed. Deadlines must be met in order for our Chairs to have time to provide you with technical feedback.

You can "record" your presentation simply using PowerPoint! See below for PowerPoint recording specifications:

  • If you have not before used PowerPoint to record presentations, you can find tutorial instructions directly from Microsoft or feel free to search for training/help online on your own. 

  • There is no required IMAPS PowerPoint template or theme. You may use your own personal/corporate presentation templates/designs. We of course recommend and appreciate including IMAPS DPC logo and/or show dates wherever possible as well! 

  • Preferred video output file format: .MP4 files (.MOV might be acceptable. Please speak with Brian if you cannot generate an .MP4 format). It is recommended to record in Powerpoint or Zoom/Webex, then export/save the file as .MP4.

  • Once you have recorded the audio/voice presentation, you should SAVE AS your file.

  • Playback the recording to be sure it worked well and you are satisfied with the quality.

  • Export this presentation to a video format (.MP4 preferred format):

    • Select the Full HD version (1080p) and option to "use recorded timing and narrations."

    • If prompted for these options, the recommended dimensions are 1920px by 1080px. Minimum dimensions are 1280px by 720px.

    • Click Create Video and save the file name as you need.

    • This export to video could take 10-15+ minutes. Please be patient and let it finish. You'll see the progress bar along the bottom.

  • Upload this file to the virtual software provider per instructions from Brian Schieman. (LINK AVAILABLE ON/BEFORE MARCH 3)

  • TIPS and BEST PRACTICES for Recording Your Presentation:

    • We recommend choosing what works best for you – keeping in mind your content, your audience and your personal presentation style. Treat a pre-recorded presentation as you would a live a presentation. PRACTICE for a strong delivery!

    • Practice your presentation, out loud and in front of mirror, to practice pace, emphasis, annunciation, and general familiarity with the subject matter.

    • Decrease distractions, background noise (Pets!), turn off mobile phones, and mute any notifications on your computer. Close all applications other than those that are needed for the meeting. Have water with you if need be too. 

    • Make sure you have tested the audio carefully. If possible speak through a headphones and mic and make sure the microphone is fairly close and in direct line with your mouth. Try to be in a room that is conducive for good audio - no echos, background noises, etc.

    • We do NOT recommend or require YOU to appear in the video. We feel it‘s best to let your content be the main focus of your virtual presentation.

    • If you have embedded videos or complex animations, please pay special attention to these points in your videos and be sure to review these areas very carefully before submitting your final recording to IMAPS. Embedded files and videos can sometimes cause lags or problems so just "proof" these portions of your recording thoroughly to be sure everything looks and acts exactly as you need it to!

Biographical Information:

A speaker bio and headshot will be available to attendees on the virtual event website. Please prepare the following for upload per instructions via email from Brian Schieman.

  • Speaker bio
    2-3 sentences about current position, background, and/or education

  • Headshot photo
    Recommended .jpeg file type

  • You will receive instructions on/before MARCH 3 from Brian Schieman or the DPC 2021 Software Vendor on how to access your speaker profile page in the Conference Portal to update your profile, contact details, bio, photo, presentation details, etc. The speaker profile portal closes on APRIL 8th so no further loading of files or updates will be possible after April 8.

Poster Presentation Deliverables

The poster session is planned to be an interactive presentation in our virtual environment. 

See below for virtual poster specifications:

  • Only .PDF file types are accepted. Posters are NOT accepted in PPT, MP4 or WORDformat.

  • Poster file must be presented in landscape orientation. Portrait orientation is not accepted.

  • The document size but be equivalent to standard letter paper size 11"x8.5" if using Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Powerpoint, or Word.

  • Up to five (5) PDF slides may be submitted (can be submitted as one document with 5 pages).

  • Further details and upload instructions will be provided by Brian Schieman on/before March 3.

Promote Your Participation

This conference is successful when you promote your participation to your industry network! IMAPS is pleased to support speakers in any way possible when promoting your work. Here are some recommendations to actively and passively market your participation:

  • Click here to download the conference logo. Request alternate file types (PDF or PNG) from 

  • Add a blurb to your email signature from now through the end of April.  Make sure to hyperlink text and images to 

    • Signature blurb: Join me in supporting the Virtual 17th International Conference on Device Packaging

    • Alternate blurb: Attend my upcoming virtual presentation on [TOPIC] beginning April 12th at the virtual Device Packaging Conference.

    • Alternate blurb: Device Packaging 2021 is virtual. Catch my presentation on-demand beginning April 12th.

  • Post to LinkedIn and other social media about the event. See below for a recommended post. Share within industry groups, in your newsfeed, or both! Customize language as necessary to connect with your audience.

    • Join me in supporting the microelectronics packaging industry at the Virtual 17th International Conference on Device Packaging. I will be presenting my [paper or poster] entitled [title] during on-demand sessions available beginning on April 12th. Registration is now available. Learn more at 

Speaker Timeline

Review the entire speaker timeline below. Contact Brian Schieman at with any questions. 

January 13th: Final deadline for submission of ~1000 word abstract and/or PDC proposals. (The abstract submission period has been extended to accommodate new presenters from the transition to a virtual environment. A confirmation of abstract receipt is auto-emailed upon submission. Check spam and junk folders if you do not receive the email immediately upon submission. Please ensure that all email addresses are whitelisted with your email provider.

January 20th: Speaker and PDC instructor notification of abstract accepted

January 22nd: Sessions and PDCs are finalized. Keynote speakers are to be confirmed.

February 2021: Virtual event website build is underway. Conference program and speaker details online on/before March 1.

March 4th-5th: Email from Brian Schieman about the speaker portal, followed by Welcome/Login email and opening of the Speaker Portal

March 10th: Initial presentation recordings are due for Chair review. This deadline is firm. No extensions. 

March 12th: Extended abstracts/manuscripts are due. This deadline is firm. No extensions. All speakers and poster presenters should submit.

March 12th: Speakers must be registered by this deadline. Unregistered speakers are at risk of being removed from the program.

APRIL 7th: Final presentation recordings are due. This deadline is firm. No extensions. These final files will be uploaded directly to the event portal.

APRIL 8th: Speaker Portal CLOSES! Speaker presentation videos, posters, bios, photos, etc. cannot be updated after the 8th.

April 5th & April 8th: "Live" speaker training and Q&A live webinar with IMAPS staff. Please check your email for invitations on APRIL 1. These sessions are only for LIVE speakers such as keynotes, pdc instructors, panelists, GBC speakers, and round room speakers.