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Monday, April 12th

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10:00am-5:00pm Eastern

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Professional Development Courses

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Tuesday, April 13th

11:00am-11:15am Eastern

Opening Ceremonies 

11:15am-12:00pm Eastern

 Keynote Presentation  

Keynote - Seung Wook (Stewart) Yoon

Heterogeneous Integration: Developing a New Generation of 3D Chiplet Packaging Technology for Next Generation Devices

Seung Wook Yoon, Samsung Electronics - Corporate VP / Package Technology Planning, Test & System Package

Currently, the best solution for optimizing silicon systems for any given new workload is to create a system on chip (SoC), monolithic chip. But this gets more expensive with demand for high-performance AI, HPC applications and advanced Si node technology. One way of reducing the cost of Silicon systems for emerging workloads would be to use chiplet technology. From a commercial standpoint, this approach makes a lot of sense. The cost of a highly integrated SoC can be very high- so high it‘s prohibitive for many. Furthermore, the complexity of such highly integrated semiconductor systems makes manufacturing more challenging: there is a direct correlation between higher complexity and yield loss. The package technology now sits in the center of the universe for the next generation of devices.

In this presentation, various chiplet packaging technologies including MCM, SiP, integrated wafer level packaging solutions such as 2.5D, 3D and FOWLP will be introduced. These solutions have demonstrated their unique advantages in many applications that require high-end chips (such as CPU, GPU, AI, FPGA, network) or low-end chips (for IoT and wearable devices) in combination with high bandwidth SRAM/DRAM memory.

Additionally, the challenges and opportunities of a new generation of chiplet packaging and decoupling capacitor solutions will be discussed from a system/package co-design, performance and supply chain point of view.   

Sponsored by:

ASE Group

12:00pm-12:45pm Eastern

 Keynote Presentation 

Keynote - Ram Viswanath

Emerging Opportunities in Heterogeneous design of XPU

Ram Viswanath, Intel Corporation - Vice President and Director of Architecture and Pathfinding

We are entering an era of designing products based on heterogeneous integration on the package, where disaggregated chiplets are  stitched together seamlessly through packaging to derive a quasi-monolithic operation. The talk will focus on product drivers and architectural complexity and the need for execution focus on product cost and TTM.  The need for a disciplined approach to efficiently develop validated IP at the die-package interfaces  will be highlighted. This calls for tight collaboration between physical design, electrical modelling, tools and flows in the design cycle.

Sponsored by:

ASE Group

1:00pm-3:00pm Eastern

Professional Development Courses
Separate registration fees required

Course A5:
System-in-Package (SiP) - System Solutions Through Miniaturization
Mark Gerber, ASE Group

3:00pm-4:30pm Eastern

Live Technical Panel Session:

Jan Vardaman

Chair and Moderator:
E. Jan Vardaman, President, TechSearch International, Inc.


Ivor Barber, AMD - Corporate VP Packaging

Veer DhandapaniNXP Semiconductors - Sr. Director Automotive Package Innovation

Devan Iyer, Technology Management - Educator and Executive Advisor

Rebeca Jimenez, Amkor Technology -Corporate Vice President, Advanced SiP Business Unit

Paul Mescher, Microsoft - Senior Director IC Packaging Technology

Demand for electronic products and services remain strong.  Work-from-home, video conferencing, and remote learning are driving datacenter growth and laptop and tablet demand.  5G infrastructure rollout is underway and smartphone sales are returning to normal levels.  Automotive sales are increasing.  At the same time the industry is experiencing acute shortages of 200mm fab capacity, components, equipment such as wire bonders, substrates, and leadframes. Is the supply chain broken and what can we do to resolve these issues?

Sponsored by:

Amkor Technology

JCET Group

5:00pm-6:00pm Eastern

"Meet the Experts – Virtual Happy Hour  - A MacDermid Alpha hosted event

Grab your favorite beverage and virtually meet our industry experts and discuss any questions you may have regarding your semiconductor processes. A brief presentation highlighting our latest offerings from our Alpha, Kester, Compugraphics and MacDermid Enthone brand, will be presented, followed by a Q&A session. Click here for complete information.

Interested parties please contact Deanna Cullen –

Wednesday, April 14th

11:00am-2:00pm Eastern

Virtual GBC Live Plenary Session

IMAPS Global Business Council (GBC)

Friends in HI Places...
Enabling the Transition to Heterogeneous Integration

GBC Chairs:
Rich Rice, ASE Group; Lee Smith, Consultant; Thomas Goodman, Izinus

Advancements in substrates and interconnection will be a key requirement in enabling heterogeneous integration (HI) and the gap between device IO or pad densities and substrate interconnect capabilities is expanding.  Substrate technology must transition towards the levels of scaling that the semiconductor industry continues to demonstrate which will require both high levels of innovation and investment.

The industry has been addressing these issues and the urgency for new technologies, solutions and supply chains.  These have been highlighted due to ABF and advanced substrate supply shortages.  This has created major issues for the industry and the cost / availability and yields for the most advanced fcBGA substrates has become a critical issue.  As these applications transition to HI, the substrate size and density requirements can pose major obstacles.

This LIVE Virtual Session will feature 5 expert GBC speakers:


Bill Chen, ASE Group
Bryan Black, AMD 
John Lau, Unimicron Technology Corp.
12:45pm-1:00pm:  SHORT BREAK
Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International
Santosh Kumar, Yole

Sponsored by:

ASE Group

1:00pm-3:00pm Eastern

3:00pm-5:45pm Eastern


iNEMI Invited Session on:
5G Electronics Challenges: High Frequency Materials Characterization  

Session Chair: Urmi Ray, iNEMI

Next-generation 5G communications solutions require ultra-low loss laminate materials and PCBs/substrates for efficient design and manufacturing. However, these materials pose challenges. For example, there is no consistent methodology for measuring transmission loss or Df/Dk, especially for higher frequencies (e.g., >30 GHz). Many different approaches are currently used, requiring different fixtures and test methods, sample preparation, and/or data analysis/extraction. In response, iNEMI members organized the 5G/mmWave Materials Assessment and Characterization project to develop guidelines and best practices for a standardized measurement and test methodology that can be shared with industry and relevant standards organizations.

This session will provide 5 presentations (25 minute presentations + 5 minutes of live Q&A) outlining the status of the benchmarking phase as shown in the paper titles below:

3:00pm - 3:30pmChallenges for High Dk/Df Measurements
Urmi Ray, iNEMI
3:30pm - 4:00pm

Benchmarking Resonator based Low Dk/Df Material Measurements
Richard Stephenson, EMD Electronics

4:00pm - 4:30pm

Recent Developments of Resonator Measurements for Emerging Materials and Technologies
Magorzata Celuch & Marzena Olszewska-Placha , QWED

4:30pm - 4:45pmBREAK
4:45pm - 5:15pm

High Frequency Measurements Using Wafer Level Techniques
Nathan Orloff, NIST

5:15pm - 5:45pm

Optimizing Measurement Accuracy and Repeatability for High Frequency Measurements
Say Phommakesone, Keysight

Sponsored by:

EMD Electronics

Thursday, April 15th

11:00am-11:15am Eastern

Opening Ceremonies 

11:15am-12:00pm Eastern

 Keynote Presentation 

Keynote - Thorsten Meyer

Automotive Packaging - System Integration and Reliability

Thorsten Meyer, Infineon Technologies - Senior Principal Engineer Package Concept Engineering

Electronic components entered the automotive area in the 1950’s and 1960’s with the introduction of semiconductor transistors in car radios and power diodes in alternators. Since then, electronics have spread into all relevant areas of the automobile. Today, up to 80% of all innovations in a modern car are supported by electronics. The automotive packaging market is dominated by mainstream packages. Advanced packages are already used in automotive for various applications, such as radars, power devices and modules or computing units, but their overall presence still is relatively small. With increasing integration requirements for automotive packaging, the part will continue to increase.

Advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) as well as various sensor technologies are generating a strong demand for high-performance computing power. Driverless operation requires highly-reliable, high-performance packaging solutions to cope with the expected use time extension. The need for highly-efficient power electronics (e.g. SiC) with rising operational temperatures up to 200C will drive innovation, especially in the materials area. Connectivity, finally, will drive the increase of operational time of automotive packages due to permanent accessibility requirements. All the above mentioned developments require different reliability mission profiles and the packages must be qualified for harsh conditions of the automotive industry. Innovative solutions are required in order to serve the needs for reliability and quality of future integrated automotive applications.

This presentation will introduce to package requirements and applications in automotive electronics. System integration solutions will be shown and discussed with respect to concepts, materials, processes and quality/ reliability aspects.  

Sponsored by:

ASE Group

12:00pm-12:45pm Eastern

 Keynote Presentation 

Keynote - Brij SinghKeynote - Mark ChaneyKeynote - Scott Johnson

System Design of Advanced Power Electronics and Sensing Technologies for Off-Road Vehicle Applications

Brij Singh, John Deere - Region 4 Manager External Relationships and John Deere Fellow in Power Electronics Engineering

Mark Chaney, John Deere - Automation Delivery teams at the Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG)

Scott Johnson, John Deere - Senior Control Systems Engineer for Power Electronics

This presentation is divided into three segments; (a) Automation & Autonomy for John Deere Vehicles, (b) Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Electronics for Heavy-Duty Vehicles, and (C) Electrification and Controls.

In autonomy section, enabling technologies including sensors will be covered for John Deere agriculture vehicles for crop management, right from farm preparation to the crop harvesting. It would be clearly outlined that how automation is supporting John Deere objectives for significantly increased performance and productivity of the farming vehicles by job automation, resulting in doing more in the less time with optimally minimized input costs incurred by growers. Automation supports John Deere aspirations to unlock customer value that were not possible without advanced sensors and on-board and in-cloud computation, including data management necessary for the next growing season of crops.

In SiC power electronics section, John Deere project co-funded by DOE-PowerAmerica will be discussed including packaging and thermal management of the SiC inverter. Vehicle electrification has enabled John Deere‘s construction and mining customers to enjoy benefits of the increased performance, productivity, up-time, and fuel economy gains. JD 644K and 944K Loaders have established and met industry leading reliability goals and expectations, these aspects will be briefly explained in the presentation.

In electrification and control section, enabling aspects of the electrified plater will be discussed as the ExactEmergeTM Planter has uncovered customer values beyond anyone imagination. The ExactEmergeTM has allowed John Deere customers to exactly place seeds on the ground at proper depth with precise spacing while maintaining appropriate gap for row crops. Industry leading high speed precision planting enabled by electrification has unlocked significant customer values for crop growers, this aspect will be explained in the presentation.

Attendees of this presentation will get impression that with vehicle electrification coupled with job automation, John Deere has established industry leading position in the precision farming and agriculture. John Deere‘s Emerging Technologies will ensure that the vast population of the world is fed, sheltered, and clothed in the ecofriendly and sustained manner. 

Sponsored by:

ASE Group

         1:00pm-2:00pm Eastern

Live Industry-Sponsored Panel

5G MATERIALS Roadmap : Industry Voices

Moderator: Urmi Ray, iNEMI, Experienced Semiconductor Consultant

A partner representative will participate in a moderated interactive panel connecting attendees with supply chain solutions and highlights of key technologies their organization can solve. This is a live programming event that will last up to one hour.

Industry Sponsors & Panelists

Brewer Science | Dongshun Bai
"Innovation in materials for overcoming technology challenges for heterogenous integration of 5G devices"

MacDermid Alpha | Jim Watkowski
"Copper Adhesion Promotion for 5G" 

EMD Electronics | Richard Stephenson
"Connection Digital Living" 

Technology Track Round Rooms

Tech Brainstorm/Q&A
LIVE Zoom Webinars


Technology Track Round Room - Ask the Heterogeneous Integration / 3D Experts
3:15pm-4:15pm Eastern

Moderator: Mike Kelly, Amkor Technology

H.I. / 3D Experts:

Dave Hiner, Amkor Technology
Max Min, Samsung
John Park, Cadence
Wolfgang Sauter, Marvell

Technology Track Round Room - Ask the Fan-out & Flip Chip Experts
4:30pm-5:30pm Eastern

Moderator: Suresh Jayaraman, Amkor Technology; Nokibul Islam, JCET Group

FOWLP/FC Experts:

Craig Bishop, Deca
Rameen Hadizadeh, Cirrus logic
Amy LujanSavanSys
Luke Prenger, Brewer Science
Philip Tyler, Veeco

Technology Track Round Room - Ask the Automotive Packaging Experts
5:45pm-6:45pm Eastern

Moderator: Tu-Ahn Tran, NXP; Vik Chaudhry, Amkor Technology

Automotive Experts:

Ken Araujo, NAMICS
Burton Carpenter, NXP
Nokibul Islam, JCET Group
Ajay Kumar Sattu, Amkor Technology
Jerry Wu, Dexerials

Friday, April 16th - Friday, May 14th

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