Device Packaging 2020 Speakers


I've been selected as a speaker. What do I need to do?

  1. Register for the conference by February 3rd.
    All speakers are required to register for the special, discounted "Speaker" rate for this conference. On-site registrations will be accepted, but the discounted early bird registration ends on February 3rd. Select the "Speaker" registration type when completing the online registration process. Click here to register online.
    Exceptions: Student speakers are permitted to select the "Student" registration. Speakers from sponsoring organizations may also be entitled to a further discounted rate.

  2. Book your hotel room by February 3rd.
    The WeKoPa Resort is the proud host of Device Packaging 2020. The special discounted conference rate is only available until February 3rd or until it sells out, whichever comes first. IMAPS does not hold or reserve rooms on behalf of speakers. You must book your room directly as soon as possible to guarantee our excellent pricing and availability. Click here for more information about the hotel.

  3. Send your extended abstract to Brian Schieman by January 31st.
    Your two- to six-page extended abstract with text (and tables/graphs as appropriate) is required by January 31st. This provides our attendees with more details and data than your initial abstract but keeps the publishing requirements easier and more flexible for you since the file is not archived. No formal technical paper is required. There is no proceedings paper and no copyright exchange.

  4. Send your bio by February 15th.
    Session Chairs will use the provided bio to introduce each speaker. Please provide a short bio to Brian Schieman by February 15th. The ideal bio is no longer than one paragraph and includes the speaker's name, organization, title, professional and educational background. 

  5. Complete your Powerpoint presentation file before March 2nd.
    Each speaker is responsible for providing their presentation file on a USB. If necessary, speakers may also email their presentation file to Brian Schieman no later than March 2nd. Ample time is provided before each session for speakers to upload and test their files on the provided conference laptops. Note that these files will be collected for the attendee presentation distribution.

What to Expect



Session Flow:
Presentations are scheduled into sessions of a similar theme and led by at least one Session Chair. Sessions begin with general announcements from the Session Chair(s). Session Chairs will then introduce speakers with the speaker-provided bio.  Speakers will present for 25 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of questions. Session Chairs will thank the speaker, then repeat the process for each speaker in the session.

Time Alotted:
Speakers are allotted 25 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions. Please plan your presentation accordingly, as this time limit is firm. 


Provided Equipment:
A laptop equipped with MS Office Suite software, projector, screen, lectern, microphone and laser pointer/slide advancer are provided in each speaker session room. IMAPS highly recommends that speakers use the provided technology. If you require the use of your own laptop, you must notify Brian Schieman ahead of the conference.

Presentation Environment:
Photography is not permitted in the session rooms. Mobile phones and other notifying devices are also expected to be silenced. 

Other Important Preparations



Presentation Template:
IMAPS does not provide or require speakers to use a conference Powerpoint template. Speakers are welcome to use their preferred templates, however please include the IMAPS show name (16th International Conference on Device Packaging) and/or the IMAPS logo on your template.


Dress Code:
Business casual or business formal attire is expected. Casual attire is inappropriate for the professional conference environment. 


Poster Session Speakers



The poster session is planned to be an interactive presentation. This means that speakers will not start a scheduled talk without interruption. Speakers should plan talking points and station themselves at the poster throughout the entire one-hour session. Speakers are welcome to formally present your materials, but should anticipate that attendees will flow through at their own paces, review your poster independently, and ask questions. Authors may either prepare and pin printouts of Powerpoint slides or a large poster. Recommended poster size is typically 3x4 feet, with the max space on a board being approximately 4' high by 8' wide. IMAPS will provide pins to secure poster materials. Poster locations are first-come, first-served.