Advanced SiP Partner Planning


Corporate Partnerships Overview

We invite organizations to join us for a reimagined corporate partnership experience.

Advanced SiP corporate partners will enjoy exposure, advertising, and attendee connection opportunities relevant to the virtual atmosphere. Maintain or build your organization‘s presence, credibility, branding, and product/company updates with a creative suite of value-adding opportunities.

Corporate Partnership Prospectus        Partnership KIT - Full Details          Badge Forms 

Advanced SiP 2021 will not feature a virtual exhibit hall or virtual booths. 

Instead, choose between packaged partnerships and/or other additional opportunities that can include:

  • Conference content contributions, including on-demand video, live panel seats, or event hosted virtual programming
  • Multi-channel advertising, including traditional ad placements and video commercials
  • Multi-channel logo exposure
  • Directory listings
  • Event registrations
  • Attendee registration lists and quality lead reports
  • And more!

Contact Brian Schieman at to secure your commitment at any level. Not seeing something important to you? Contact us to discuss customization!

Additional Partnership Opportunities

Already committed as a Participating, Supporting, Presenting or Hosting level Corporate Partner but want even more exposure? 
Consider an Additional Partnership option from the list below! 

Interactive Final Program Advertisement

Place a 1/4, 1/2, or full page advertisement in the interactive final program guide. (Specs)
Ads page or larger can be upgraded to video ads for an additional charge.

Live Broadcast Session Break, Downtime, or Lead-Out Commercial

*Per programming availability
Includes a commercial up to one (1) minute in length during a break, downtime, or lead-out of a chosen live broadcast function, such as the keynote or panel.

On-Demand Technical Session Partnership

*One available per session category

Includes a commercial and logo recognition for the partnering organization under the on-demand technical session of their choice (on a first-come basis). Commercial will be triggered when attendees click into the chosen session category of presentations. Partner to provide the commercial video limited to one minute in length.

Hosted Live Events 

Purchase up to one hour of live or semi-live programming time on the event schedule for your organization to activate a sponsorship event of its choice, including but not limited to: an ask the expert hour, a facility tour, a hosted social event, an open house, product launch, or other function. 

IMAPS will provide the broadcast functionality (space) and schedule space (time). Partner is responsible for activation and content delivery of the event.

We're in! What's next?

So you're committed! Thank you for participating in this flagship IMAPS event.
Here is what to expect from IMAPS from from the initial commitment through the post-event wrap-up.

  1. Payment is due upon commitment. IMAPS staff will provide you with instructions for making payment online or via invoice.
    1. If you haven't seen an invoice within 2 weeks of your commitment, please reach out to
  2. IMAPS staff will communicate deadlines and specs for relevant ads, content submissions, and more leading up to the event. 
    1. Most communications will be made via email, though some FAQs will be updated on this page as necessary. 
      1. All email communications will be made with the organization's contact who made the initial commitment.
      2. If a new planning contact is taking over, please communicate the change with Brian Schieman immediately. 
  3. Our Virtual Conference PORTAL is being developed in order to be ready to all participants before the August 9 live conference begins.
    1. The PARTNER PORTAL is open far in advance for Partners to populate and polish their profile. 
  4. Pre-event registration lists will be provided on August 4 and the post-event list on August 13. 

    1. These lists are provided in PDF format only.

    2. The following information will be provided:

      1. first name, last name, organization, job title, email address, city, state, zip and country.

      2. Neither phone numbers nor street addresses are provided. Individuals who opt out will not be included on the lists. 

Partner Deliverables, Details and Deadlines

Partner DeliverableDue on/before DateParticipatingSupportingPresentingHosting
Promo Slides July 21-***
Portal Banner AdAugust 2-***
Banner Ad for Email PromosJuly 21---* Platinum 
Final Program AdJuly 21-1/4 pg  1/2 pg* Full pg ad 
plus 1/2  video
Advancing Micro. Magazine AdFlexible -1/4 pg  1/2 pg* Full pg ad 
plus 1/2  video
Corporate Bulletin News SubmissionAugust 2***Featured
SWAGJuly 21-***
Industry Solutions Content Submission(s)August 2--*1 Submission 
per category
*1 Submission 
per category
CommercialsJuly 21---*Platinum - Keynote
*Gold-Tech Panel
*Silver-Industry Panel

All Corporate Partner Profiles in Virtual Conference Portal Ideally Completed by August 4.
Click Deliverable Item in Chart for Full Details | Click  HERE for Specs 


Advancing Microelectronics Magazine:

Supporting Partners receive a 1/4 Page Advertisement | Presenting Partners receive a 1/2 Page Advertisement  | Hosting level Partners receive a Full Page Ad + 1/2 page Video. 

  • See past issues of the Magazine HERE
  • Due date depends on which 2021 issue you would like to feature your advertisement in: 
    • July/August Issue | Due June 24, 2021
    • September/October Issue | Due August 18, 2021
    • November/December Issue| Due October 15, 2021
  • Submit materials to 

Corporate Bulletin News: 

  • This is the dedicated Advanced SiP show issue of the Corporate Bulletin for Corporate Partners only.
  • Limited to 3-4 pages in length and may include up to two photos.
  • Must be submitted in MS Word.
  • Photos included as separate attachments.
  • Can be in the form of a press release, news or update.
  • PDFs and images of press releases are NOT accepted.
  • For an example CLICK HERE -(The IMAPS 2020 Show Issue of the Corporate Bulletin)
  • Send to by August 2. 

Interactive Final Program Guide Advertisement:

  • Supporting Partners - 1/4 Page Ad Presenting Partners - 1/2 Page Ad
    Hosting Level Partners - Full Page Ad + 1/2 Page Video 
  • See this recent example of the DPC 2021 Interactive Final Program Guide HERE
  • Submit to on/before July 21.

Banner on company profile page within the event portal

  • Upload a JPEG, JPG, or PNG file that is 3 MB or less.
  • 1380 pixels wide by 285 pixels high.

Industry Solutions On-Demand Content: 

  • Contributions to the Industry Solutions On-Demand Content event page:
  • Features organization’s presentation/video content in the Industry Solutions on-demand content page of the event portal during the week of the event.
  • On-demand content will be divided by 5 categories, including:
    • sales presentations
    • product/service presentations
    • equipment demos
    • on-demand facility tours
    • on-demand product launch videos.
  • Allowed to submit one video in each of the five (5) categories
    • ( up to 25 minutes in length each)


For presenting level Partners and up.

  • Build out and complete your company page!
  • Upload videos, presentations, images, white pages, etc.
  • Training videos and live support will be available.
  • Anyone with Admin Level Access can upload files, make adjustments and run lead reports.
    • Refer to badge forms.
  • Profiles need to be completed by August 4.  This will allow time for any final adjustments to be ready in time for the live show launch on August 4th! 

Promotional Slide Prior to Live Programming (Countdown Timer):

  • 1-2 PowerPoint slides in wide format. 
    • More slides will not be allowed/kept.
  • These slides will loop before live sessions August 9-12.
  • These slides can contain any promotional content our partners wish to include.
    • Basics elements should include company logos, urls, contact details, social media links, and more.
    • There is no template or mandatory requirements, it's simply 1-2 slides to highlight company info for our attendees to quickly learn more about your group. 
  • Submit to on/before July 21 
  • Example below from Finetech, a DPC 2021 Partner submission:

SWAG Submission

  • Downloadable Virtual SWAG
    • Available to attendees for entire conference!
  • SWAG Clicks included on lead reports.
  • SWAG content -direct link to your Company Profile/Page.
  • Included benefit for ALL partners (Except for Participating Level)
    • PDF format or a video URL
  • Though SWAG is often technical in nature,
    feel free to get creative!
    • See these examples from DPC 2021 Partner submissions  --> 
  • Submit to by July 21.


Specs and Requirements For Ads, Content and "Commercials"

Specs for Advertisements 

  • 1/4 Page Ad: 4x5"; No Bleeds; 4-Color; High Resolution/Press-quality;

    • File formats - jpg, tiff, eps, pdf, ai

  • 1/2 Page Ad: 8.25x5" OR 4x10.5"; No Bleeds; 4-Color; High Resolution/Press-quality;

    • File formats - jpg, tiff, eps, pdf, ai

  • Full Page Ad: 8.5x11", Bleeds allowed; 4-Color; High Resolution/Press-quality; File formats

    •  jpg, tiff, eps, pdf, ai

  • "Content": MP4 or PDF,

    • content will be loaded directly into the conference vitual portal.


Host Partner Level



  • Lead-in commercial to the daily opening message
  • Prime placement before Keynotes! 
1-2 MinsMP4


  • Lead-in commercial Technical Panel 
1-2 Mins


  • Lead-in commercial to the Industry Panel 

1-2 Mins


  • Can be added on to partnership packages
    or selected separately
1 Minute

Submit to by July 21


Frequently asked questions will be updated here regularly. 

I registered online but did not receive log-in information.  How do I get that?

Log-in access and details will be shared in a separate email prior to the start of the conference.  All communications will be sent to the email you used at registration. 

My Corporate Partnership Package comes with several full conference registrations.  Can this be used for a Speaker?

Yes!  Please include that in the body of your email when you submit your badge forms to 

Platinum Hosting Partner

Gold Hosting Partners


Silver Hosting Partners


Presenting Partners

Supporting Partners

Participating Partners

Media Partners