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The San Diego Chapter of IMAPS represents members from the greater San Diego area in California. As one of the most active chapters of IMAPS, meetings or events are typically held monthly as part of a lunch speaker series, with exception for summer break.

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Upcoming 2017 Chapter Events
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Past Chapter Events

April 25 Presentation and Lunch
James Webb Space Telescope: Parts, Materials and Processes
Presented by Dr. Michael Vernoy

Event Summary:

Topic: James Webb Space Telescope: Parts, Materials, and Processes
Presenter: Dr. Michael Vernoy - Northrup Grumman Aerospace Systems

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). JWST is a fascinating tennis court-sized infrared space telescope which will be NASA's premiere space observatory for the next decade. After launch, it will begin to unlock many secrets, including details of the universe's first stars, and of the formation of ours and other solar systems- including ones that could be supporting life.

Dr. Vernoy highlighted the challenges of material selection for the segmented mirrors and the sunshields to survive the space environment. While the Hubble telescope has a 2.4 meter mirror, the JWST features a larger segmented mirror- 6.5 meter diameter and will be located near Earth-Sun L2 point. The primary mirror segments are made of Beryllium and then coated with gold. A large sunshield will keep its mirror and four science instruments below 5K ( -220C ; - 370F). The sunshield will block heat and light from the Sun and Earth. The 3 major sections of the JWST include an optical telescope element, mirror and its structure, the Spacecraft Element which includes spacecraft bus + sunshield and the Integrated science instrument module which holds instruments and other systems. The Spacecraft Bus must support the 6.5 ton space telescope , while it itself weighs 350 Kg. It is made primarily of graphite material. The instruments module will have near IR camera, Near Infrared Spectrograph , Mid IR Instrument and Near IR imager + Slitless Spectrograph. The presentation was a good overview and insight into the challenges of design and architecture of the JWST telescope.



Chapter Officers

Iris Labadie
Chapter President

Bill Ishii
Vice Chair and Programs
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Jim Haley

Mumtaz Bora
Publicity Chair
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Tong Cui
Membership Chair

Ken Kuang
Student Chair

Hannah Going

Ellen Karam

Wally Johnson
ACerS Advisor Chair

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Kyocera International
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Quik-Pak, a division of Promex Industries
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Presidio Components
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Advanced Packaging Associates

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