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The Greater Dallas Chapter of IMAPS represents members hailing from Northern Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Richardson and surrounding communities. This chapter meets several times per year and is one of the fastest growing regions of IMAPS activity.

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E. Jan Vardaman President and founder of TechSearch International, Inc.,

Packaging Trends for ADAS and Autonomous Driving


Gene A Frantz co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Octavo Systems,

 The Shrinking System: System-In-Package Technology Progression


The meeting will be held in the main Texas Instruments auditorium

(Directions are at the bottom of this invitation)

Everyone is welcome at no charge


February 21st 2018. Starting time: 4 PM until ~6 PM.

We will have a light snack and drinks available

 at no charge courtesy of Texas Instruments


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Packaging Trends for ADAS and Autonomous Driving

E. Jan Vardaman, President and Founder TechSearch International, Inc.

The automotive industry is experiencing a revolution.  While the ultimate goal is autonomous vehicles and many vehicles are incorporating sensors and computational systems for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).  System design, package choices, materials, and process integration are critical to the successful implementation of the new safety features that are part of ADAS and will ultimately be a part of autonomous driving.  This presentation discusses trends in ADAS sensors packaging including radar, image, and LIDAR and compares the differences between this application similar package constructions used in other applications.  This presentation also discusses the trends in sensor fusion and various package constructions.  The importance of package reliability is discussed as the industry moves into increased use of sensors and processing.  



The Shrinking System: System-In-Package Technology Progression

                   Gene A Frantz is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Octavo Systems, LLC
The system has been shrinking for 5 decades.  As SiPs evolve in parallel to SoC, the question is ‘What will be the progression trajectory?’  Is there a Moore’s law equivalent in SiPs?  We believe all SiPs have an optimum configuration toward which they will asymptotically evolve. In some systems this may be a minimum set of external pins while in others it may actually be zero pins. Packaging technologies must evolve to support these emerging challenges.  In addition, supporting technologies, manufacturing systems, and supply chains will need to adjust to the new demands.

Gene A Frantz is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Octavo Systems, LLC.  Prior to his position at Octavo Systems, he held the position of Principal Fellow at Texas Instruments where he led innovation and built new businesses for 39 years.
For the last 4 decades Gene has applied his passion to finding new opportunities and creating new businesses.  While at TI he took a leadership role in starting businesses utilizing Signal Processing technology within the corporate structure. It was after his retirement that he and two other TI retirees founded Octavo Systems to pursue a new concept in system level integration.
He has continued that fresh spirit, technological talent and innovative entrepreneurship into new ventures. As a result, he is a recognized leader in semiconductor technology throughout the industry.  He is also a Professor in the Practice at Rice University where he mentors students and advises startup companies.
Frantz is a Fellow of the IEEE, holds 48 patents in the area of memories, speech, consumer products and DSP, has written more than 100 papers and articles and continually presents at universities and conferences worldwide.  Frantz has been recognized as an industry expert and has been widely quoted in the media due to his tremendous knowledge and vision of systems solutions.

The meeting will be held in the main TI auditorium which is located at the South end of the TI South Campus (fka Forest Lane Campus).  The street address is 12500 TI Blvd, Dallas, TX 75243.  Due to parking availability at the time the meeting is scheduled to start (4:00pm), I would advise that the guests park at the North end of the building and enter through the North lobby.  You will then be escorted to the auditorium.

I will need to get some basic information from all guests prior to the 21st so that we can get your visitor badges set up. 



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